Year-End Form 

For Warranty Service Requests

To make a warranty service request, complete and submit this form in the final 30 days of the first year of possession of your home.

You may only submit one year-end form.


Home Identification Information (Refer to your Certificate of Completion and Possession)

Date of Possession

Vendor/Builder #

Enrolment #

Civic Address (Address of your home under warranty):

Street Number *

Street Name *


Postal Code

Lot #

Subdivision Name

Contact Information of Homeowner(s):

Homeowner's Name *

Daytime Phone Number

Evening Phone Number

E-mail Address *

Homeowner's Name (if applicable)

Daytime Phone Number

Evening Phone Number

E-mail Address

Outstanding Items

List all outstanding items covered by the statutory warranty in the table below. If an item on the list is not covered under warranty it is the homeowner's responsibility. For more information please refer to

 Item #Room/LocationDescription

Please note that when scheduling service appointments, our contractors and subcontractors require access to your home during regular business hours. Failure to comply may jeopardize your warranty rights.