Mapleton Homes believes in setting higher standards because we’re not just building a house, we’re building your home. It is important to us to build homes where families can live, love, and make memories, which is why we are never willing to settle, and always eager to change and grow. Constant learning and improvement are what continue to make us a better company and a better homebuilder every day.
        The following are guiding principles and company values that make Mapleton the right builder for you:

Stress-Free Building And Buying Process
       At Mapleton, we don’t believe in building to a standard; rather, we build to exceed standards and expectations along every step of the homebuilding and buying process. This is one of the reasons why Mapleton offers a stress-free building and buying process. We recognize that building a home is one of the most challenging and stressful, yet rewarding purchases made in one’s lifetime, which is why over the years we have continued to develop and pioneer our process to ensure that we provide the highest level of customer care before, during, and after you move in. We have implemented procedures and processes that work together in harmonizing the anxieties and pleasures that are typical in new home purchases.

Just ask one of our homeowners why they chose Mapleton:

"We had looked to build for several months, viewed dozens of homes and talked with many people about their experiences, always coming back to Mapleton. Their homes looked better and better each time we were comparing. The finishings of the homes were beyond what we had seen in other properties, but more importantly, dealing with Albert during construction greatly eased our stress as I was already five months pregnant and looking forward to settle into a new home that we can enjoy for many years"                         - Amanda & Ken

Never Missed a Deadline/Closing Date
       We are proud to say that over twenty-five years and hundreds of homes later, Mapleton has never missed a closing date, nor had to postpone one. This is part of our commitment to professionalism, trust, and security. With Mapleton, you can be confident that the closing date agreed upon at purchase will be the same closing date at move-in.

"Being first-time homebuyers, we heard stories of how builders missed deadlines. However, this was not our experience with Mapleton Homes. We have lived in our house for over 2 years now, with no major issues. With Mapleton, your peace of mind can be guaranteed. Also, the builder makes you part of the team, and not just another customer."                                                                               - Godwin & Emily

Close Relationship With Builder
    Owner and operator Albert Scarpelli is involved in the day-to-day business activities and personally oversees all aspects of construction. He personally conducts a framing/electrical walkthrough with every homeowner, as well as the Pre-Delivery Inspection before closing. This hands-on approach and high level of personal involvement from design through to construction and after-sales service allows us to be responsive and adaptive to our homeowners' needs and desires. Albert's passion is homebuilding and his biggest satisfaction is a happy homeowner, because at Mapleton you are not just a buyer, you are part of the Mapleton family.

"When you buy a Mapleton Home you are buying from a builder that believes in taking care of the home he built, as well as the clients who purchased it long after the move has occured. My husband and I cannot say enough about the attention, respect, and true professionalism shown to us since we have purchased our home."                                                                                                                   - Al & Sue

Customer Service
      Our relationship with our homeowners starts when you first visit us, and continues long after you’ve settled   into your new Mapleton home. We are in constant communication with our homeowners throughout the    homebuilding process so that they are always aware of the progression of their homes, and we continue to follow-  up well after closing because we appreciate and value our customers’ feedback.
      It is important to us to be accessible to our homeowners, and we value every customer relationship,  whether you are purchasing your first or third home from us. We are fully committed to meeting each and every  homeowner’s individual needs, and that emphasis on personal care is what fosters trust and confidence in  Mapleton as your builder.
   A reflection of our emphasis on customer care was recognized when Mapleton received the President’s   Award from Ontario New Home Warranty Program for excellence in after-sales service and quality of construction.

"From the beginning stages, to the first walk-through, to the warranty follow-up, Mapleton Homes has been responsive, professional, and exceptionally a pleasure to have worked with."                                                                         - Renato

Health, Safety, and Environment
       Mapleton is committed to the uncompromising safety of our contractors, employees, and homebuyers. As a responsible and conscientious company, we promote a safe and environmentally-friendly work environment, because the well-being of our everyone on our team is our highest priority.